Young Americans

Are watching all 8 episodes of the greatly underestimated Young Americans from 2000 with stars such as Ian Somerhalder, Kate Bosworth and Katherine Moennig. Another grreat tv-show that was cancelled way too quickly, so sad.



My so-called Life

Oh god, I love this show! Too bad it’s only one season. Claire Danes, love her! Just finished the last episode, I want more!

Benfica vs Liverpool

Oh my god, I’m so pissed!

Liverpool faught well against Benfica in Portugal (UEFA Europa League) but the swedish referee Eriksson destroyed everything! It’s his fault that Portugal made two goals that they didn’t deserve. I’m swedish and I’m ashamed! Eriksson should be banned from planet earth! I can’t believe his judgement, he gave away two goals to Benfica for free and punished Liverpool just for being there! *aargh*
Poor Torres, they where all over him all the time, knocked him down and pushed him around, I salute him for a job well done tonight.

I love Liverpool, I hope they kick ass at Anfield next week!

Top Gear

I have just seen a rerun of the television program Top Gear. Loved it!
I’m no car lover but the hosts; James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson, make it fun to watch a lot of tasty cars (and other vehicles). Too bad the series are over, lucky that replays excist.


Legend of the Seeker

Like I wrote on Twitter, I’ll watch the first episode of the tv-serie Legend of the Seeker now. It’s coming to Sweden soon but I have nothing do to right now and I can’t sleep so I’m on youtube.



I first saw an episode from this tv-serie in 2008, I fell in love with it right away. I have now watched both seasons and I am greatly disapointed. How could it end that way? And why didn’t they make a season 3? The show was too good to be cancelled, it’s just stupid. All I can do now is re-watch and re-watch untill I die (kind of).

Favorite character? In season 1 it’s Thelma.  Ella rules in season 2… and sometimes Thelma and Leon… but mostly Ella.


The Big Bang Theory

God I love that show! Just saw the new episode (14) and it was hilarious! I love Sheldon to death… but I must admit that the show wouldn’t be complete if the other three guys and that one girl weren’t in it *sneer*


Happy Birthday…

to me!!!

So far, so good.


Went on a cruise with my mom yesterday, ended today. Slippery roads and snow storm, glad to be home … alive. Had fun on the boat, ate good food and drank the long-awaited San Francisco. Talking with Sanna now … it still rocks under my feet.


Ps, it’s my birthday tomorrow, happy birthday to me!