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Young Americans

Are watching all 8 episodes of the greatly underestimated Young Americans from 2000 with stars such as Ian Somerhalder, Kate Bosworth and Katherine Moennig. Another grreat tv-show that was cancelled way too quickly, so sad.



My so-called Life

Oh god, I love this show! Too bad it’s only one season. Claire Danes, love her! Just finished the last episode, I want more!

Top Gear

I have just seen a rerun of the television program Top Gear. Loved it!
I’m no car lover but the hosts; James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson, make it fun to watch a lot of tasty cars (and other vehicles). Too bad the series are over, lucky that replays excist.


Legend of the Seeker

Like I wrote on Twitter, I’ll watch the first episode of the tv-serie Legend of the Seeker now. It’s coming to Sweden soon but I have nothing do to right now and I can’t sleep so I’m on youtube.



I first saw an episode from this tv-serie in 2008, I fell in love with it right away. I have now watched both seasons and I am greatly disapointed. How could it end that way? And why didn’t they make a season 3? The show was too good to be cancelled, it’s just stupid. All I can do now is re-watch and re-watch untill I die (kind of).

Favorite character? In season 1 it’s Thelma.  Ella rules in season 2… and sometimes Thelma and Leon… but mostly Ella.


The Big Bang Theory

God I love that show! Just saw the new episode (14) and it was hilarious! I love Sheldon to death… but I must admit that the show wouldn’t be complete if the other three guys and that one girl weren’t in it *sneer*